New block of private houses in ketvergiai ‘Kalvių pakrantė’

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‘KALVIŲ PAKRANTĖ’ – it’s a block of private houses, which is being built in a beautiful locality near a pond and a forest, near river Minija and only 12km from Klaipeda. It’s a block for people that want to breakaway from the noise of the city and to breat in some fresh air, for people that love nature ant want peace. You will be able to admire the forest, watch protective water birds through your window.  
The block ‘KALVIŲ PAKLRANTĖ’ is made of two parts. First part occupies 4,84 ha. There are 29 plots from 10 to 17 ares. Secons part, which is on the bank of the pond, occupies 3,413 ha. There are 12 plots from 25 to 34 ares with a standing view to the pond. In those plots will be built these houses: "Montė" 157 m2, "Lukas Ekstra" 164 m2, "Lukas TL" 168 m2, "Julija" 236 m2, "Žara" 239 m2, "Rokas M" 200 m2, "Saulius"157 m2. You have an opportunity to choose a place of a plot and a project that you like the most.  
The price of the house will depend on the plot, project and level of the trim that you will choose: from 600.000 LT to 900.000 LT.  
Advantages of the block:    

  • Beautiful place: nature, pond.    
  • Particular attention to the future inhabitant: possibility to choose a place of the plot and project of 7 suggested.    
  • Modern infrastructure of the block: ecologic and economic geothermical heating, protection from lightning, cleaning equipment, water bore, electricity.    
  • Close to Klaipeda city, public transport communication.    
  • There is a school in a settlement.    

If you dream to have your cosy home in nature’s encirclement, to feel joy of life and quality, you should choose the block of dwelling houses ‘KALVIŲ PAKRANTĖ’.

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Project type Investment projects
Type Individual residential houses block
Region Kalviai
Project ID 55

Jūratė Andrijauskienė

Mob. phone +370 699 86075

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