• Turgaus g. Klaipėda

    Turgaus g. Klaipėda

    Apartment for sale

    No. of rooms: 3

    Area: 73.49 m2

    Price: 120 000 €

  • Butkų Juzės g. Klaipėda

    Butkų Juzės g. Klaipėda

    Apartment for sale

    No. of rooms: 3

    Area: 71 m2

    Price: 105 000 €

    Продается уникальная и функциональная 3-комнатная квартира с мансардой, террасой и земельным участком в центре города Клайпеды.На первом этаже - гостиная (14 кв.м.), спальня (13 кв.м.), рабочая комната (10 кв.м.), кухня (10 кв.м.), сан. узел (6 кв.м.), терраса (11 кв.м.) и камин.На втором этаж
  • Šiltnamių g. Klaipėda

    Šiltnamių g. Klaipėda

    Apartment for rent

    No. of rooms: 3

    Area: 110 m2

    Price: 650 €

    In the northern part of the city, close to the city center is rented newly arranged 110 square meter apartment.Spacious, comfortable, bright and warm apartment with all new furniture, kitchen and other equipment. Two parking spaces in the private courtyard, adjustable gas heating with separate accounting. Very convenient connections both by the public as well as private transport.Only three apartments in the house.
  • Kalno g. Neringa

    Kalno g. Neringa

    Apartment for sale

    No. of rooms: 1

    Area: 15.25 m2

    Price: 38 125 €

    In a special place in Lithuania, on the Curonian Lagoon- Juodkrante, in a renovated house, to sell 15 sq.m. rest apartment with bathroom.From the Curonian Lagoon - 150 m, to the Baltic Sea - 15 min. on foot (less than 1.2 km).The neighborhood is dominated by recreational buildings, near the forest. The premises are separated by a unique property unit. There is individual electricity and water accounting.For an additional cost, there is a possibility to purchase a storage room.
  • Purienų g. Kalotė

    Purienų g. Kalotė

    House for sale

    No. of rooms: 4

    Area: 139 m2

    Price: 120 000 €

  • Kalno g. Neringa

    Kalno g. Neringa

    Apartment for sale

    No. of rooms: 1

    Area: 19 m2

    Price: 48 000 €

    Holiday apartments in Juodkrante - unique place of Lithuania!New fully equipped holiday apartments are available for sale. Individual accounting, alarm system. Balcony.In addition, you can buy a cloakroom for your bicycles.Very convenient connection - a building in the very center of Juodkrante, near the marina, where the regular cruise ship "Smiltyne" stops, flying the route Klaipėda-Juodkrantė-Nida and back. Bikes are carried for free.The best option for your vacation at an attractive price.
  • Volungės g. Gargždai

    Volungės g. Gargždai

    Plot for sale

    Purpose: residential land

    Plot area: 14.5 a

    Price: 20 000 €

  • Birutės g. Klaipėda

    Birutės g. Klaipėda

    Commercial, office space for rent

    Floor: 1

    Area: 124 m2

    Price: 1 250 €



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